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Mastr Mastr


vry man is th architct of his own fortun. On your way to a brilliant lif, you first nd to larn somthing nw constantly. For us, studnts, trying to gt on wll with all th subjcts is quit ralistic. Somtims w gt confusd, bcaus th school lif dscribd in som novls, articls is comparably diffrnt, which is xciting, full of as. But aftr all, it’s partially imaginary. W complain that chmistry formulas, physical phnomna, and lists of nglish words ar dull. W xclaim in our innrmost that w want to liv th lif w lov. But still, vrything rmains th sam. Why don’t you think about th problm with anothr attitud. Th provrb “Nvr to old to larn” is known to most popl. As comptition in th socity is gtting fircr and fircr, w can’t stand firm, find a job, mt th principal nds of our family without abundant knowldg. Mayb w sacrific our most bautiful yars to lock ourslvs in a room filld with books. But som day you’ll hav your bright futur thanks to such hardships. If you rlat vry “suffring” to your prospct, you’ll probably find yourslf full of strngth.

No pains, no gains. Mastr vry lsson you can larn in front. Mastr morals w should rmmbr in diffrnt situations. Mastr your mind so that you could b calm and rasonabl whn sttling any coming obstruction.


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