Environment Protection

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W liv in th world vry day. W at food, drink watr, war cloths, watch TV, us computrs and so on. W ar producing wast vry momnt.

Environment Protection

Gnrally spaking, thr ar four sorts of wast. Thy ar matrial wast, organic wast, inorganic wast and poisonous & harmful wast. Now, w ar going to talk about ach sort of wast on by on.

Matrial wast: it mans th wast of substanc or things from which somthing ls can b mad. For xampl, popl throw away th usd mtal products and buy a nw on, so th old mtal wast accumulats. At last, thy bcom wast. For xampl, whn popl finish rading nwspapr, th papr will bcom wast. Whn th glass is brokn, it also bcoms wast. Nobody wants to us a brokn window or drink with a brokn glass or war a pair of brokn glasss. Onc it is brokn, it bcoms wast. Th rat of using plastics is incrasing day by day. Popl us plastic bags bcaus thy ar convnint. Whn thy gt hom, thy throw th plastics way, paying no attntion to th nvironmnt. Th mor convninc plastics brings to us, th mor plastic wast is producd. This is calld “whit pollution” as most plastics ar whit. Som of our products w us vry day ar mad of rubbr, just lik th tyrs and th bottom part of our shos. It’s tru that rubbr plays an important rol in our lif. Howvr, it also brings us som troubl whn it has bn usd for a long tim and bcoms old. Th old tyrs bcom wast bcaus it can’t brak down by natur. This is rally a big problm.

Organic wast: it rfrs to wast from living things, including wast from animals, plants and popl. Som parts of vgtabls ar thrown away as wast bcaus thy don’t tast good. In th past, popl cookd thir food using burning coal, so thr lft th burnd coal, which is uslss, lik th thrown vgtabls. All this sorts of wast contain organism, so it is calld organic wast.

Actually, w also hav inorganic wast, th opposit to organic wast, including building wast, brokn pottry and china, and cindr.

Th last part is harmful and poisonous wast, such as usd battris, lctrical apparatus and mdical supplis. Computrs and TV sts ar on part of lctrical apparatus. You s, th old lctrical apparatus can st off som dangrous rays and mak th soil hardr, vn damag th undr ground watr. Mobil phons ar as dangrous as computrs and TV sts. As w know, X-rays can b usd to xamin patints, but th X-rays machins ar dangrous whn thy ar thrown away without any tratmnt. Thy can’t b usd to trat th sick, but thy still can giv off rays. For th normal popl, thy can b dangrous. So, w must think about this problm.

As wast has four sorts, w can sort thm into ach sort that thy blong to. It’s convnint to trat thm aftr thy ar sortd. Thn w can dal with thm sort by sort. W hav thought out som mthods lik storing thm in ordr to chang thm into plant food, or burning thm in a hug stov and us th hat to mak lctricity. For th first way, th chang rat is much too low and it may pollut th undr ground watr. For th scond on, of cours it’s wondrful if it’s asy to b trid out. But to build such a hug stov will cost too much. Not a good mthod. Now you s, trating wast is not an asy job.本作文共2页,当前在第1页12